Benjamin Caro

Pilots and Features

MARCH (Limited Series Pilot) – A cross between Selma and Stand by Me, “March” is based on the true story of three black teenagers who hitchhiked through dangerous territory, from Alabama to DC, to attend the march where MLK gave his famous speech. 6 episodes, each representing a day of the trip.

FLEE THE NEST (Mystery Thriller) – After her daughter escapes from 5 years of captivity mysteriously unable to speak, a fiercely overprotective mother goes one step too far to keep the kidnapper, ex-boyfriend, and media from disturbing her again. The script’s tone has been compared to Gone Girl because of its plot twists, unreliable narrator and dark perspective.

ONE DAY, GO AWAY (Indie Road Trip) – A headstrong woman explores the memories in her childhood home in order to help her cruel mother cope with early onset Alzheimer’s.

BEEF  (Animation) – The father and daughter owners of grass-fed cattle become stranded from their herd during a seasonal cattle drive. During the separation, a young, shy steer stumbles upon a factory slaughterhouse and learns of their true purpose. He must decide whether to escape or lead the heard to doom by saving their owners. Finalist at PAGE Screenwriting Awards.

EROS DAWN (Sci-Fi)In a world where the church preaches against romantic love, the unique bond between one strange outsider and a woman creates a ripple effect that causes friendships to tear apart and city-wide hysteria over the value of monogamy.

THE ROOF (Religious Thriller) – While a church group attempts to repair a roof during a hot summer, a zealous church leader blackmails a hot-tempered man by threatening to release the insidious truth about him to the rest of the group. Their treacherous power struggle threatens to tear the project apart.

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Benjamin has been hired by Zoosk to write scripts to transform their dry dating advice videos into a fun, punchy series. He’s also written scripts for marketing agency Pro-Creative, creating funny hyper-shareable videos in the same vein as Harmon Brothers.