Benjamin Caro

Interview: Pros and Cons of Kickstarter on “Just Shoot It” Directing Podcast

Before Kickstarter campaign for Cathedrals ended, I joined esteemed gentlemen directors Oren Kaplan and Matt Enlow on their podcast “Just Shoot It.” Oren and Matt interview a wide variety of people in the directing community about how to work, and how to make it work: working directors, indie directors, actors, and, uh… me.

I come in about halfway through. Take a listen to hear about my Kickstarter experience. You’ll learn some tips from me and the other guest about how to make a campaign that a) doesn’t suck, and b) gets funded. Crowdfunding is a weird journey, but worth it in the end. You’ll find a surprising base of support from the corners of your history, and then you get to spam them with emails. Listen to the podcast to find out not to become a hated person in the process.

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